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David Bellamy's Arctic Light                                                  £25.00
    The Scandinavian Arctic has been the focus of many of David's expeditions over the years and this book is packed with watercolours and sketches illustrating his adventures. Although not a practical guide to painting it is crammed with ideas for compositions, with techniques that David has not used before in any of his books. It contains a chapter in which he discusses the materials and some of the techniques he uses to record the scenes.                                              176 pages hardback
   "This book is an absolute delight..." Sir Chris Bonington

David Bellamy's Winter Landscapes in Watercolour           £9.99
    Whether you enjoy getting out to sketch and paint in the great outdoors, of prefer to paint beside a roaring fire, this book will guide you in painting evocative scenes in winter, when there is usually a greater  variety of colour and you don't have to cope with all those overwhelming summer greens. It begins with a brief glimpse of autumn and capturing those lovely warm colours which often extend right into the depths of winter. If you love the graceful shapes of many kinds of winter trees then this book has very many examples to offer. Snow is tackled in its many forms, and how to inject warm colours into a cold vista, how to emphasise atmosphere and light, and creating lost and found features and edges. There are four full staged demonstrations.                         80 pages paperback

David Bellamy's Skies, Light & Atmosphere in Watercolour        £9.99
    Skies, light and atmosphere are three ingredients that are inextricably linked in any landscape scene, and this book shows how to make the most of these fascinating elements. You are shown how to create exciting cloud formations, dramatic skies, silver linings, shafts of sunlight, making the most of reflected light and warm evening light, emphasising cast shadows, creating misty effects, intense sunlight, rain squalls, tranquil moods, and much more. It includes stage-by-stage demonstrations and a wide range of landscape subjects, including the coast.                     80 pages paperback
   "This is one of his best and most useful books yet," The Artist

David Bellamy's Mountains & Moorlands in Watercolour             £9.99
   This book is of interest to the general landscape painter as well as those fascinated by mountain and moor scenery, and is crammed with illustrations, including four stage-by-stage demonstration paintings. Topics covered include:
    Materials, finding subjects to paint and sketch, working from photographs, including figures and animals in your compositions, handling trees, water, rocks and crags, buildings in the landscape, improving the composition, introducing atmosphere, and so much more.  
    "As an introduction to landscape painting, this is, perhaps inevitably, hard to beat" Henry Malt,              Published by Search Press                 80 pages  paperback

David Bellamy's Complete Guide to Watercolour Painting          £12.99
    Now available in paperback, this comprehensive guide is aimed at both newcomers to watercolour painting and those who wish to develop their work further. It is also extremely useful for those who would like to try painting different types of subject, whether landscape, figures, still life, flowers, or whatever. The book features:
    Basic watercolour techniques, materials, composition, understanding tone, working with a limited palette, colour mixing, painting still life, landscapes, flowers, figures, coastal scenery, buildings, plus seven step-by-step demonstration paintings.
   "A superb reference book to help with practising many of the different skills and techniques used in watercolour painting......"                  Search Press              128 pages paperback
    This book was awarded a Best How-to Book of 2011 by the US Library Journal

David Bellamy's Watercolour Landscape Course            £12.99
     A structured practical guide regarded by many as the classic watercolour landscape book. First published in 1993 it still remains popular with very basic techniques ranging through to the more inspirational
    "This was the book that cemented David's reputation as one of the major figures in art teaching in the present day"       HarperCollins    128 pages    paperback

David Bellamy's Painting Wild Landscapes        £12.99
    A comprehensive guide to painting wild landscapes, focussing mainly on mountain scenery with occasional forays into jungle, desert, Arctic and plains, and even down into caves with the paintbrush. It is aimed at both those in search of wild scenery and the armchair adventurer.
    HarperCollins  128 pages    paperback

Learn to Paint Watercolour Landscapes        £8.99
     An easy-to-follow guide to help you get started in painting watercolour landscapes, crammed full of hints, tips and techniques, including four step-by-step demonstration paintings.
     HarperCollins     64 pages     paperback

David Bellamy's Pembrokeshire     £24.95
     A visual feast of scenery from David's native county with its rugged coastline, golden beaches, medieval castles, secret creeks, bird islands and little harbours, all captured in over 80 watercolours plus many more sketches.
     Halsgrove Publishing    144 pages      hardback

The Grog Invasion              £6.95
    This is an adventure story for children from 9 to 99, featuring the Llandoddies, the small water-folk of Llandrindod Wells, heavily illustrated and written with mad-cap humour.
       144 pages     paperback

The Terror of the Trolls          £8.75
   Volume 2 of the Chronicles of the Llandoddies, an illustrated book for children from 9 to 99 written and illustrated by David Bellamy under his pseudonym Griswallt ap Lechitwyt.

     128 pages      paperback

Other books now out of print:
     The Wild Places of Britain
     The Wild Coast of Britain
     Painting in the Wild
     Wilderness Artist
     Images of the South Wales Mines
     Developing Your Watercolours
     David Bellamy's Coastal Landscapes