About me

I'm primarily a watercolour landscape painter specialising in mountain, desert, Arctic and wild coastal scenery, although I do some of the more gentle countryside scenes at times. I believe in a total first-hand experience for absolute authenticity - if I want to paint a polar bear I go and look for one. In return nature rewards me with some of the most exciting moments of my life. For me, art and nature are inseperable. I have written 14 books, about half of which are practical guides to painting and most of the others about the countryside, home and abroad. I also have seven DVDs produced by APV Films available, on painting in watercolour, and write for Leisure Painter Magazine.

My home is in the lovely Wye Valley in Mid-Wales, and my wife is the brilliant pastellist, Jenny Keal. She shares my passion for art and nature, though she tends to be less wild.

To see more of my work and adventures visit my website at http://www.davidbellamy.co.uk/